The Surge Fellowship is the signature program of the Surge Institute and serves as a one-year, best-in-class, cohort-based experience that unites, accelerates and empowers 20-25 emerging leaders of color in education.

Surge Fellows go on a journey, not just learning the hard skills needed to function at the executive level and navigate complex systems, but also joining a vast network of mission-driven leaders of color who understand and support each other’s needs.

“I was always desperate to find other leaders that look like me, to show me what authentic leadership looked like in leading my own community. I couldn’t wait to see that. I needed to become that.” – Rito Martinez, Vice President of National Programs

“I believe every child can learn when they are given the right supports. The reason I’m in this work is because that belief is strong. It’s not going away.” – Randal Seriguchi, 2018 Surge Fellow

“We have not seen a successful movement… that was not led by the people impacted. The only place we’ve seen that is in education. That’s what we’re trying to change.” – Tamara Prather, Executive Director, Surge Chicago