College Years Counselor


Khair Sadrud-Din is the College Years Counselor for LINK Unlimited; where he tracks all LINK scholars enrolled in college, and extends guidance and support to LINK scholars throughout their collegiate experience. Under Khair’s leadership, the LINK collegiate scholar graduation rate increased from 55% to 62%. Khair joined LINK Unlimited from his alma mater, Illinois Wesleyan University, where he worked for nearly 6 years, most recently serving as Assistant Director of Admissions with the charge of recruiting students from low-income families in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Khair’s deep, personal commitment for issues pertaining to diversity led him to serve on the Illinois Wesleyan University Council for Diversity.

Education has played a critical role in Khair’s life: the native Chicagoan is a product of the Chicago Public School system, the son of a teacher, and spouse of a teachers.  Khair’s undergraduate years as an African-American student on a predominantly white campus to be a transformative experience that shaped his global perspective. He learned the intrinsic value of a quality education, how to use education as tool to help him accomplish his goals and eventually chose college access and success as a career path. He is invested the education system in Chicago and in the success of those students who follow in his footsteps.

Khair makes his home on the South Side of Chicago and enjoys traveling the world with his lovely wife, Khalilah.