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Why Surge says “Latinx”

The pen is mightier than the sword and all that jazz. Words are the key to victory. Assessment and mutual understanding lead to connection. Dialogue leads to treaties. Oversimplified, but you get the idea. In the grand scheme of language, the term “Latinx” is brand new. It is a new iteration of a long and […]

The Full Circle

by Ashley Richardson  Back in May, I was having breakfast with a friend, who was interested in applying to become a 2018 Surge Fellow, when a number I did not recognize appeared on my phone.  We were deep in conversation so I ignored the call. After my friend and I said our goodbyes, I realized the […]

To Be a Surge Fellow

by Nina Sanchez “The problem isn’t that we tell poor kids they can make it. The problem is we haven’t made a world for them where that’s true.” -Linda Lutton Education Reporter, WBEZ The View from Room 204 We know none of us can single-handedly create a world where all kids succeed. Instead, we create pockets […]

The Power of your Story

In my work for the Surge Institute, I find myself reflecting personally on our fellowship program objectives. Recently, none have resonated with me more than the power of one’s personal story. My story matters and makes me a better leader. That’s the crux of the objective. For me, this means a journey into my childhood. […]

Schools Don’t Look Like Me

The bell rings. The doors open. Little faces exhibiting curiosity, anguish, joy and uncertainly enter the school building. Colorful clothing, rumbling footsteps, uncontrollable laugher, and at times inaudible conversations about life permeate the stairway as children disappear into classrooms. These students whether in black leather “church” shoes or Jordan Retro 12’s venture into these spaces […]

The Drum Major Instinct

I recently visited the Center for Human and Civil Rights in Atlanta, GA.  As the exhibits retell the sobering experience of the Civil Rights movement, much of what I saw was very familiar to me.  I have immense respect and admiration for the sacred stories of our ancestors and each time I hear them, I […]

Love: The New Wave in Education Reform

The intended outcomes of the American public educational system have drastically evolved over the last 400 years. Originally, public schools were designed to prepare poor white students for the labor force. Native Americans, Africans and other immigrants were not considered citizens and as a result were not factored into the construct of the public education […]

HELP FOR HELPING PROFESSIONALS: Managing “Self” While Caring for Others

Our passion for servant leadership brought us here. Our innate desire to make a positive impact on the next generation of leaders guides our path. As helping professionals (therapists, educators, social workers, etc.), we live the duality of working daily with our students while simultaneously grinding behind the scenes to make substantive changes to reform […]