The Surge Institute is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the empowerment, advancement, growth, and achievement of youth and communities of color. We do this by educating and elevating leaders of color, preparing them to transform urban education and expand the opportunities for our youth. 

The Surge Fellowship is the signature program of the Surge Institute and serves as a best-in-class, cohort-based experience that unites, accelerates and empowers emerging leaders of color in education. It is a key facet of our growing movement to better serve the communities too often ignored due to a lack of leadership that understands their needs.  

Engage with this movement and become an agent of change. 


Surge is a movement, built by and for communities of color and designed to empower, educate and elevate our leaders in the education systems serving our communities.


This work does not happen in silos. The Surge Fellowship, our signature program, has created a sprawling network of change-makers collectively building a brighter future for our youth.  


The fellowship is only the beginning. Continued impact and heightened influence are the hallmarks of a true movement.